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About Safemac

Safemac Ltd was established with a view to providing a wide range of PPE and safety equipment as used throughout the Kenyan Industry and service sectors. We pride ourselves on offering high quality safety products at highly competitive prices. We value each client and do our best to ensure satisfaction regardless of order quantity. Save on your safety supplies and personal protective equipment by purchasing direct from Kenya leading PPE supplier.

We have full range of safety wear including safety boots, protective clothing, safety gloves, safety helmets, safety glasses, ear muffs, reflective jackets and much more.

Our Featured PPE Products

Safety Boots

Protect the workers from potential injuries occuring from heavy machines and equipments hitting the feet, sharp objects that may lacerate the feet, burns to name a few. Safety shoes are very comfortable, oil resistant, provide firm grip and relieve pain from standing for hours at construction sites and factories. All our safety boots and safety shoes are US/UK recommended S3 standard ie water resistant leather, pierce resistant midsole and cleated outsole to enhance its slip resistant.

Safety Helmets

They protect the most fragile and highly important part of the body; the brain against fatal incidents that are regular in most industrial work areas. Designed with a solid plastic exterior, a padded foam or harness interior to keep the head away from the plastic exterior. This inner foam/harness allows for the absorption of the kinetic energy through an impact. Also designed with a chin strap to help secure the helmet to the head.

Safety Gloves

They protect the workers hands from sharp objects, chemical spills, sensitive materials and extreme temperatures. When shopping for gloves, consider those with proper fitting, compatible with the material and suitable for the tasks. Our wide range of gloves include top grade cowgrain leather and cotton liner latex palm coated safety gloves.

Reflective Jackets

Made from top quality lightweight and breathable material. Provides the wearer with adequate level of visibility using silver reflective tape around the body and one over each shoulder. This hi-vis vest makes sure you're easy to spot when hard at work.

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