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Body Protection

Body Protection

When you think of overalls, you imagine a mechanic under a hood or a farmer driving his old tractor on a farm tilling land. But, overalls and reflective jackets are useful in a lot more industries. Reflective jackets and overalls offer required body protection against certain risks like bruises, injuries and so much more.

Reflective Jackets

If you work outdoors during all sorts of weather and odd hours, then you need a reflective jacket. Motorcycle riders, cyclists, road construction workers, and road maintenance workers are examples of people that need reflective jackets.

Reflective jackets are made of bright colors and have reflective tapes to increase your visibility in conditions where you might not be easily seen. But that is not all they do. A good reflective jacket will also keep you warm in cold weather and dry in rainy weather, as many are water resistant.

We have an array of high quality, high visibility reflective jackets to choose from. Our designs include hooded or those with removable hoods, bomber jackets, and others. We also have reflective jackets for women and reflective vests.

Reflective Vests

High visibility vests is a must for people working on or near main roads and or in low visibility light conditions. You can ensure safety comes first for all your employees with all the high vis vests we sell in yellow, orange and red. Branding options also available.


If you have ever tried to work in your regular clothes, then you know how much they can constrict your movement. Plus, getting your usual clothes dirty may affect your personality. But this doesn;t have to be because overalls are the answer to these and many more of your problems.

Overalls provide protection during work and you can keep your regular clothes clean and dry until it's time to go home. They also allow you to move freely, provide protection with padded knees and elbows and increase visibility when they are reflective.

We have longsleeved, shortsleeved and bip overalls in a wide array of colors, sizes and designs. WIth our overalls you will get superior protection and get to show off your personality and professionalism in your work.