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Fall Protection

Roofers, painters, construction workers, and window cleaners are just some examples of workers that have to climb to high points when they work. Falling from such heights might not only lead to maiming but also death. It is therefore imperative for workers that work from such heights to invest in safety harnesses.

A safety harness not only protects you from falling; It also allows you to use both your hands while working. You can also concentrate on doing your work since you are not worrie

about tripping and falling.

So what makes a good harness? There are many options available in the market, but these features will guide you in the right direction when choosing a harness for your needs.

Comfort - Besides being able to keep you safe, the harness should also be comfortable when worn so you can work for long hours while in it. The design should be one that holds you in the right places and the harness should be adjustable in different places to ensure a snug comfortable fit.

Construction - What kind of job was the harness made for? Some harnesses are made for specific jobs and therefore have features that make them attractive to workers in those jobs. For instance, if you are in construction, get a harness with side rings where you can attach your tools. However, there are some versatile harnesses that can be repurposed in different ways.

Safety features - From heavy duty anchors, high quality steel rings and protective heavy duty polyester webbing, there are many safety features to choose from in different harnesses. Check for features that will be useful in your line of work.

The best harness is one that doesn't skimp on quality of the material used, the rings and everything else that makes the harness. We know quality harnesses and we know their value to workers. We therefore only stock superior quality harnesses.