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Foot protection

Foot protection is imperative when you work under hazardous conditions where your feet could be exposed to danger. Safety shoes and safety boots protect your feet against injury and reduce the severity of injury in case it is to occur.

Safety shoes are not the usual shoes that we encounter every day. Safety shoes and boots are specially designed shoes made strictly to adhere to international standards of safety. This therefore means that you are protected from the hazards and risks you are exposed to daily in your field of work.

From protecting you against falling objects, chemicals, rolling objects, pricks, slips and falls to water damage, safety shoes are available in an array of types. Most of the shoes, however, can protect you against a combination of these risks.

But just like in any other business, there is stiff competition in the safety industry. This therefore means that not all safety shoes are made equal. When choosing safety shoes or boots, it is best to ensure that it meets all the required standards and specifications.

Some things to look out for include;
Protective toe cap
Genuine upper leather
Slip resistant soles
Pierce resistant midsole
Heel comfort
Padded collar
Lined interior for comfort

We are stockists of the best safety shoes and safety boots in the country. Our safety shoes are comfortable to wear for people who work in warehouses. or have to be in between field work and meetings. Our safety boots are highly rated and provide superior protection for workers exposed to a myriad of hazards at work.

We only stock superior, renowned brands of both safety shoes and boots so you can rest easy knowing you will get the desired level of protection with the shoes you choose. We do not compromise on quality, so you never have to worry about your safety.