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Head Protection

A safety helmet is one of the most essential safety devices workers in different industries should have. The skull is fragile, and a broken skull can have far worse repercussions than a broken arm. It is essential that workers in manufacturing, construction, chain saw workers, and riders, amongst others, have helmets on at all times during work.

Also, insurance companies do not give compensation for workers injuries if they do not comply to set safety regulations and guidelines. It is therefore imperative that companies enforce these regulations to keep their employees safe and cared for in case of an accident.

Since head protection is that important, buying the best helmet therefore is a no brainer. When choosing a helmet, here are some things to lookout for;

Fitting - the helmet should be the right size for your head. It should also have padding inside that prevents it from moving around when worn.

Chin Strap - to offer you the desired protection, the helmet should stay intact even on impact. The chin strap ensures this happens.

Ventilation - go for a highly ventilated helmet to keep you comfortable on long rides or through the entire shift.

Material - helmets are made of different materials including polycarbonate, fiberglass composite, EPS and carbon fiber. Carbon fiber material is the best and also the most expensive kind of helmet. Polycarbonate and fiberglass offer very good protection at considerably better prices.

Comfort features - from wind protection, sun visors to communication devices, helmets have advanced a lot and come with a wide array of comfort features. Choose features that will make your work life easier and give you desired comfort.

We stock high quality helmets with superior protection for many conditions. We have different designs, some with visors and others without depending on the required use.