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Hearing Protection

The world is getting louder and especially so in manufacturing, construction and other industries with lots of machines and power tools. Noise pollution is the leading cause of hearing problems in the country, and people working in noisy environments face the risk of losing their hearing abilities.

Ear protection equipment is therefore a necessity where noise levels exceed recommended decibels of noise. Depending on the level of hearing protection required, you will need to choose from ear muffs and ear plugs.

Ear muffs

Ear muffs are worn over the ear, much like headphones. They have a band that goes over the head holding them in place. They are therefore very easy to fit and provide a consistent and easy fit. Usually they come with an adjustable band so you can get the best fit regardless of the intensity of your work and the position you are assuming.

SInce they go over the ear, ear muffs are not suitable for situations with high levels of noise. Wearing the ear muffs with safety goggles may also cause them to lose some of their protection.

Choosing ear muffs is not straightforward because there are many types, designs and features to consider. Also, they come with different noise level ratings depending on the level of protection offered. It is therefore prudent to ensure you know how much protection you are getting from the ear muffs you choose.

However, ensure that the ear muffs are comfortable, have a snug fit, adjustable and padded.

Ear plugs

For people working in very high noise environments, ear plugs are the go-to hearing protection devices. Ear plugs are made to fit in directly in the ear canal, therefore restricting as much noise as possible from your ears.

Ear plugs are also small and light, making it easy to carry them around from one place to the other. They are great for use by airport and factory workers, where noise levels are high.