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Respiratory Protection

Polluted air can cause major respiratory problems like asthma. Air might get polluted by fumes, smoke, dust, pollen, poisonous gases and other allergens. Under these conditions, respiratory protection is a must. There are two types of respiratory protective equipment: breathing apparatus and respirators.

Respirators work by filtering incoming air while with breathing apparatus supply of air is through an independent source like an air cylinder.

We stock two types of respirators: gas masks and dust masks.

Gas masks

We have a variety of gas masks to choose from. Some offer full face protection while others do not. From just handling normal household allergens to keeping chemical fumes and biological allergens at bay, we have got you covered.

A gas mask, however, is only as effective as the filter it is used with which is why we only stock quality gas masks with an array of filters to keep different allergens at bay.

Further, our gas masks are fully compliant and meet the set out international standards for your protection.

When shopping for a gas mask get one that is comfortable to wear for long, has adjustable straps, has no resistance to breathing and creates a seal with your face so that there isn't leakage of the pollutants inside. Our range of gas masks fulfills these and many more features.

Dust Masks

Disposable dust masks solve common dust, smoke particles, pollution and other particles in the air. They are easy to use and sit comfortably on the face. After the work is done, the dust masks can then be disposed off and another used the next day.

We supply these in bulk for industries, hospitals and elsewhere they are needed. Also our gas masks and dust masks have a high filter rate offering superior protection to the user.