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Safetoe Safety Boot

If you have been in the market for a safety boot for your work, then you might have come across so many boots and might even be confused on which one to choose.

Safety boots come with many features to guard against different risks one could be exposed to. However, there are some all-rounders out there that can work in almost all situations. If you are in need of a true versatile safety boot, then the safetoe safety boot is the one for you.

For starters, the safetoe safety boot has a steel toe cap so your digits are protected from injury. That is not all, the boot is designed with a lot of focus on comfort. This is the one boot that you will be comfortable in even when you have to stand all day long. The interior and collar of the boot are padded for your comfort.

The safetoe safety boot has a wide fit made specifically for our wide Kenyan feet. That is not all, the boots are breathable and waterproof so you will be comfortable all day long.

The sole of the boots is shock absorbing and dual density, so you know it will last. And the midsole? It is steel penetration resistant so you are safe from pricks. Basically, no nails are getting through this shoe. The boot also offers a lot of ankle support from the rigid heel guard.

You will get plenty of durability too from this boot. It has a genuine upper leather that will last you a really long time. Besides, these boots will withstand the changing Kenyan weather taking you through many seasons of rain and shine.

What else would you want in a safety work boot that the Safetoe boot doesn't provide? It ticks all the right boxes in comfort, protection, and design.

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