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Safety Boots Kenya

If you work at places where your feet are exposed to danger, then you know the importance of safety boots. Safety boots are made to protect the feet from a myriad of dangers such as; injury from falling objects or rolling objects, pricks from sharp objects, water damage, burns from chemicals, and slips and falls on slippery surfaces.

It therefore goes without saying that safety boots are a sound investment for anyone exposed to these dangers. But, if you have been in the market for safety boots in Kenya lately, you find that making the choice can be tasking.

So what makes good safety boots? Here are some features to lookout for;

The toe cap - different boots have different toe caps to keep your digits safe from an injury. The most common are materials used are steel, aluminum and composite toe caps. Of the three, steel offers the ultimate protection for your toes.

The sole - unlike the normal daily use shoes, safety shoes have a specialised sole made of different layers. The outer sole is usually made of rubber to ensure comfort and provides the required grip in slippery situations. The mid-sole is usually made of steel to protect the wearer from pricks, and the innersole is made of soft rubber and is padded for comfort.

Material - just like normal shoes, safety boots are made of different materials. However, the best materials for safety boots include genuine leather, rubber, and composite materials. You should also consider what the shoe will be used for when deciding the material. Rubber, for instance, is great when you want to have water resistance.

Benefits of investing in Quality Safety Boots

Of course you know that you are investing in safety boots for protection from certain risks you could be facing in your work. But what other benefits do you get from this investment?

Comfort - being on your feet all day and walking long distances in your work can cause fatigue, sores, and even a flare in temper. Having comfortable work boots saves you from all these problems. With a good pair of safety boots, you can concentrate on your work.

Improved performance - When employees feel protected at work, they are more likely to perform better since they feel cared for. The company doesn't also lose a lot of man-hours to injuries.

Saves money - uncomfortable work shoes increase pressure to vulnerable parts of the body like knees and ankles which can cause injuries. Injuries mean medical expenses for the company or individual. It also means lost man-hours, which eventually translate to lost money.

Now that you know why you should buy and what to buy, then where should you buy?

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